Ann Stevens

“Shaindy worked with my son in the past, and given her guidance and expertise, his progress soared. Weekly parent trainings were really on target and helped me implement what was being worked on on a daily basis. It’s an honor to be one of Shaindy’s clients.”

Martha Cummings

“My daughter, Sarah, received ABA therapy which really helped her work on flexibility. She learned to accept that not everything was black and white and that not everything had to be exactly the way that she felt that it should be. Focusing on positive reinforcement was really beneficial for Sarah. That helped her to concretely […]

Sara Middleton

​”With Shaindy’s encouragement, enthusiasm and passion, my daughter met all the goals she set. We all felt her love and care and knew we were in good hands with her. Her optimism, positivity and smile made us all feel important and valued. We will forever be grateful towards her, and she’ll always have a special […]

Sandra Bateman

​”Shaindy is the most incredible amazing BCBA. She devoted her whole heart and soul to my daughter, as if my daughter was the only one she was working on. She’s very creative, talented, and put her all into our case—she was very on top of the para and gave a unique program to cater to […]

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